Herbal Oils & Salves

calendula oil logoORGANIC OILS & SALVES
If you have a particular oil or salve you’d like to purchase or find out about please inquire.

Singular Herbs  ::  Calendula  |  Yarrow  |  Comfrey  |  Plantain  |  Lavender
Rosemary  |  Arnica  |  Thyme  |  Borage

All oils are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and organic herbs. Salves are made with organic beeswax and Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The oils are made here on PENZANCE FARM for topical use only.

1 oz Blue Dropper Bottles.  $12.95 each plus S & H
CUSTOM COMPOUNDED 1, 2 or 4 oz.Oil or Salve
INQUIRE ::  caballus@charter.net

Other herbal oils and salves are available as CUSTOM ORDERS.  You must specify the herb or combination of herbs you wish. Prices will vary according to the particular order.   Organic herbs and oils will be used as available. Because some of the oils are custom made they will take a little longer to produce and ship. Please inquire as to delivery expectation.


ARNICA:   physical trauma, sprains, bruising and other injuries. Use immediately after strenuous exertion or injury to prevent, relieve and reduce swelling, bruises and pain.

BORAGE:  may help ease inflammation and relieve arthritis pain.  Known to reduce itch and dryness associated with certain skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis.

CALENDULA:   one of the first herbs to consider in minor first aid applications. Particularly good treatment for cuts, scrapes, bruises, and minor wounds. Antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic, antifungal. Coagulant and promotes rapid new tissue growth.

COMFREY:  ulcers, wounds, joint inflammation, bruises,rheumatoid arthritis, and fractures.

LAVENDER:   lifts the spirits, relaxes, relieve pain, kill germs, heal burns and rashes, help keep insects at bay. Antibacterial, antifungal.

PLANTAIN:  bee stings, skin irritations, malignant ulcers, burns. Coagulant. Natural anti-histamine.

ROSEMARY:  anti inflammatory. dermatitis. Aids in improving blood circulation and decongesting the skin. Analgesic, antiparasitic, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant. Arthritis, Candida, lice, nerves.

YARROW:  analgesic and antiseptic – stops bleeding, lessens pain, prevents infections.


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