Full page to be completed and launched in 2014.

In the interim please see Equine NUTRITION Articles on PENZANCE Equine Integrative Solutions. 

We recommend that if you feel you MUST feed grain to your horse that you feed an organic with no sugars, no soy, no GMO’s, no chemicals or pesticides, no animal by-products and NO molasses!
GENESIS Organic Horse Feed is an EXCELLENT grain for horses.
It’s REAL, honest-to-goodness FOOD for your horse!
If you are in the South Central/Central part of Massachusetts, ASK US ABOUT HOW TO GET GENESIS HORSE FEED for your horse. (Our Old Nanny Goat loves it, too!)

If you wish to go grain-free completely then we recommend FRESH, RAW, LIVE “salads” for horses.  Go to PENZANCE Equine Integrative Solutions to find out what the BASE recipe is for a raw diet for your horse.  “Feeding Horses” can be found in the ARTICLES section.

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