What is Homeopathy?

Over 200 years ago a Dr. by the name of Samuel Hahnemann developed this complex medical system. It is derived from both natural medicine and orthodox science.  Homeopathy addresses not only the physical ‘symptoms’ of an individual but also the emotional and mental states. It is founded on the Law of Similars, “Like Cures Like” –  that is, a substance which is capable of evoking a certain set of symptoms in an essentially healthy subject under controlled research procedures, becomes a potential effective therapeutic agent when prepared according to the specifications of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia and prescribed in accordance with Homeopathic standards.

Homeopathy addresses the WHOLE horse ::  Mind, Body and Spirit to help re-balance the animal’s physical and emotional imbalances that cause dis-eases of all kinds.

Homeopathic medicines are manufactured and labeled under specifications recognized by the U.S. FDA. They have been safely and effectively used for over 200 years. After herbal medicine, homeopathy is the second most widely used health care system in the world.

 How does Homeopathy work?

Homeopathic medicines work so effectively because they work with, rather than against, the body’s inherent immune system and supports the body’s own healing mechanism. In small, pure, diluted doses, it is not only safe and free from side effects, but it will trigger the body to heal itself. Hundred’s of thousands of people in over 28 countries daily use Homeopathic medicines for themselves and their pets/animals.

What are the benefits of using homeopathic remedies for horses?

  • Homeopathic remedies help horses with physical, mental, and emotional conditions.
  • Homeopathics are easy to administer, even to a ‘difficult’ horse.
  • They are affordable.  A single remedy with about 250 pillules in the vial will generally cost less than $10.

What kinds of health problems can homeopathy remedies for horses help?

Homeopathy can help almost any health problem. Here we focus mainly on ACUTE remedies for FIRST AID treatments.  They can be used in conjunction WITH traditional veterinary care and pharmaceuticals in order to shorten recovery times and increase comfort levels. They can also be used as ALTERNATIVE treatment to traditional medicine. Always consult your veterinarian so as to be able to work as a ‘team’ for the benefit of your horse.

  • Arnica can help with wound, tendon, and sprain injuries.
  • Aconite can help with laminitis and gastric ulcers as well with spooky horses.
  • Arsenicum can help with colic and indigestion.
  • Thuja can help with skin conditions such as warts, rain rot, and reactions from vaccinations.
  • Hypericum helps with nerve pain in wounds and accidents.
  • Ledum is used widely to treat LYME disease as well as to rapidly heal puncture wounds and inflammation.
  • Ruta helps with bowed tendons or strained ligaments.There are thousands of remedies that are noted in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. The ones listed above are just a very, very small number of remedies frequently used for ACUTE situations.

How is Homeopathy for horses administered?

  • Use one remedy at a time so you can see if that one is working (unless otherwise directed).
  • Drop several pillules into water supply for ‘self-dosing’
  • Administer diluted pillules with a syringe directly into mouth.
  • Please a few pellets or drops of liquid on some grain or a small food item that will absorb it.
  • Do not touch the remedy with your hands or you may neutralize it.

How Often to Take Them
Repeat as directed by your practitioner or in accordance with the label – We advise people to reduce or stop repetition as improvement occurs – repeating as necessary. Rarely are remedies taken for extended periods of time for acute indications. Your practitioner may advise a schedule or a low dose to be taken in a solution bottle for a longer period of time when dealing with a chronic situation.

Response Time
In an emergency, results are typically immediate – Acute problems (e.g. cold or flu) take a few hours or a day some aspects of chronic condition may be helped quickly, but the overall resolution may take weeks or months.

Where can homeopathy remedies for horses be purchased?

You can find a number of homeopathy remedies on the internet and at most natural food stores. Some products contain just a single homeopathic ingredient and others contain multiple ingredients.

This Clinic will also be offering single remedies as well as Emergency Kits and combination remedies soon.  Until we get the store launched, please complete the inquiry form below and we will get back to you asap.

Thank you.

How can I learn more about Homeopathy?

  • Take a homeopathy course with Gwen. To learn more about the classes.  please click here.
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    While Homeopathy remedies for horses have helped many, many horses and are 100% safe to use you should watch your horse carefully. If your horse is sick, injured, on any medication, or you have any concerns, consult with your vet prior to offering the homeopathic remedies. Please see our disclaimer here.

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