PPTThe cornerstone blocks of a relationship with a horse are essential to establish correctly and solidly. If foundation steps are missed then the holes in that foundation will cause issues down the road. Just as a house with an incomplete foundation cannot stand during a storm, the same applies with horses. Too many horses are found to be missing these cornerstone blocks and the results are not pretty nor acceptable.

If you’ve just gotten a new horse or are having issues with an existing horse, it is almost certain that the horse has not been taught the very initial steps that (s)he needed in order to carry through later learnings. Using no force, little to no restraint and lots of positive reinforcement, Gwen can help you and your horse work through difficult and challenging times in a way that is fun and safe for both of you. From safe and pleasant hoof handling to willing trailer loading and everything in-between, the challenges you face today will be your shining accomplishments tomorrow. See what some others are saying about Gwen here.  See some videos here.

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