For 62 years horses have been an intrinsic part of Gwen’s life. Whether pretending, as a child, every stick to be her galloping steed, gentling a freshly rounded up Mustang, catching a ride, or tending to one undergoing career or life-sustaining surgery, Gwen’s heart and soul have been interwoven with the hearts of thousands of horses.

In 1998 Gwen and her husband, John, finally moved to their own farm in south-central Massachusetts where they have been able to rescue, care for, rehabilitate, train and live their dream of, now, over 4 decades together.

They named the farm PENZANCE. The original meaning of the name is, “God’s Holy Headland. A place for Spiritual Growth.”

PENZANCE has been a beacon of hope, for those whose horses were deemed irremediable, with God at the helm.

Gwen, with a strong background in Alternative and Complementary Medicine combined with early-on traditional Western medical and veterinary education, has shared her knowledge and encouragement to tens of thousands of horse owners worldwide with incontestable results. Her extensive studies and research provide her with a solid foundation and wide range of understanding of the healing arts and sciences as well as the prevention of chronic disease harmonizing several forms of holistic therapies.  The years of living with horses and studying with and of numerous honorable horsemen have afforded Gwen to have a gifted insight into horses – their behaviors, their well-being, their husbandry and communications.

From Hooves to Head, and all in between, Gwen has remarkable insight to Equine Health and Wellbeing and now consolidates it all right here on PENZANCE Equine Integrative Health & Wellness Online Clinic so that you, the Horse Owner, can have 24/7 Holistic answers to challenges you face with your horse.

From Behavioral Issues to Minor Injuries and First Aid assistance, Acute to Chronic situations, Head to Hoof Holistic care, make the decision to Partner with PENZANCE for the individual attention and assessment that YOUR HORSE needs.

Please go HERE to view Gwen’s Formal Resume.

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