A Few Testimonies

5 star

I truly recommend Gwen’s expertise to all horse lovers. The information is simple but so important; from horse management to clicker training. So many other courses are available. I can honestly say that without Gwen’s advice, I would probably have two sick horses. Now I know what to ask my farrier if I see something strange when he’s working on their feet. Their meal is so simple without any chemicals. Thank you Gwen. I can never say THANK-YOU enough for all your help and advice. You are truly a great friend (even though I’ve never met you). Jocelyn

Thanks Gwenyth Santagate ! Actually, you don’t know this, but you helped us SO much with his club foot he grew after his awful leg accident. We had an hour of consultation with you, and followed what you said. We filed him carefully about every 2 or 3 weeks for two years and this June, he is SOUND!!! He can run, jump, play, strut his stuff, finally with no pain, no limping! It’s been a long struggle, but my goal of finally riding “Easy” will be realized. Thank you SO much! –Skin N Scot Ranch

Contacted Penzance about bodywork for a mini mare that showed hind leg lameness. Bodywork was done and it helped. Also recommended was Turmeric for lameness/pain and it helped a lot. Other queries were about constitutional prescribing for both minis; hard to say as homeopathy is by nature subtle in its action. Nutritional recommendations were not from a specific consult, but from my ongoing learning from Penzance, and the results (from that and the homeopathy) are that the vet couldn’t believe that the aged mini gelding with Cushings is 27, and his heaves are almost gone, without drugs.

I know I have forgotten much of the Homeopathy Course I took, I found it thoroughly enjoyable and informative. It’s so deep! Money and time constraints keep from going further, but you are always there with knowledge and a helpful attitude toward your former students.(and everyone else for that matter.) Loved your Clicker Course, as well. I feel I have a much better relationship with my horses because of you. Thanks Gwen! ~Katherine

the vet couldn’t believe that the aged mini gelding with Cushings is 27, and his heaves are almost gone, without drugs.

I originally contacted Penzance because I wanted to learn how to take the best care possible for my horse. I did learn that and much more. I can’t say enough about Gwen’s reaching and her wisdom. She is so very generous.

“Gwen is an innovative horse professional with the capability of thinking outside the box. She has a broad perspective and knowledge of holistic equine health. We definitely need more people like her in this time and age.”  -Claudia Garner

What impresses me about you is, you look not only at the hoof but the whole horse and the whole horse environment. Who is the owner and where does the horse live and how are they treated and fed. You stay on top of the the latest research and you follow up with pertinent information in a very timely fashion.
You have a softness and openness that relaxes the horses and the horse owner and allows you to see things as they are because you are not bound to preconceived ideas.

“I cannot emphasize what Gwen has done for me. I knew nothing about horses. After taking her Horse Management Course, and the Clicker training course offered on her website, I now have two healthy horses – all this online. The advice she gives for trimming the horses’ feet is so simple but so important. All horseowners should know this. I truly recommend Gwen’s expertise to all horselovers.”

Intuitive, knowledgeable, a wonderful teacher and an amazing friend. Gwen has an incredible way of sharing her wealth of knowledge that shows her passion and love of all things equine. I am so thankful to have Gwen as a friend, she is a blessing and a treasure for God.

Don’t remember exact condition asked about…. did remember having good experience,. Still correcting PPID and Pemhigus without much difficulty. Also a AIHA in Wales. Practiced 44 years and now have about 15 years into Equine Immunology.. Mac

You stay on top of the the latest research and you follow up with pertinent information in a very timely fashion.

Originally contacted Penzance because I was looking for information on Barefoot Trimming and keeping horses barefoot.
I took a natural hoof care class. I learned a lot! Now, 6 years later, I am still using the skills that I learned in the class. My horses are happier, I am happier, it’s much more convenient than waiting for a farrier to arrive and I have saved a boat load of money as an added benefit.

As a level ll Centered Riding instructor and a Mass. licensed riding instructor for 30+ years, I can truly recommend Gwenyth as an accomplished and knowledgeable horsewoman. It is clear that her knowledge of the hoof is as extensive as her knowledge of the rest of the horse. Check her out.

Although I didn’t use the techniques as I am an animal healer and communicator myself I like to be able to offer my clients and students other options and Penzance was one of them.

I follow your posts on facebook, read & bookmark your links, and practice natural care on my animals: donkeys, goats, dogs, cats, etc. No one has ever been seriously sick, they are all happy. Thanks for all your helpful advice.

Gwen is a great teacher of all things Equine! Her many years of experience in natural hoof care, equine nutrition, and equine behavior are invaluable in getting your horse to the best it can be.

Completely for the horse and the horses health. A wealth of knowledge for health and training. Highly recommend.

I have contacted Gwen for bodywork on my mare in the fall on 2012 for a pulled muscle in her shoulder. The work that she did alleviated her issues faster than traditional measures. My accident prone mare was recovering from a broken bone in her head(She turned and wacked her head in the trailer) in the summer/fall of 2013. Gwen was wonderful in assisting in initial wound care and after care. After the vet gave the all clear to ride again, Willow developed a weird twitch that would begin at the ear around the healing bone area and run thru her body for the first few minutes of riding, but it would dissipate. It was like a ton of flies were bugging her. It did not appear to be a pain issue or tack issue. Gwen came out and did extensive body work on her and discovered that if was issues with nerve regeneration related to the injury. She left me with extensive note on what to do to work with Willow to help if the issues continue. Willow is much happier thanks to Gwen

Gwen your services are always excellent!

Gwen held an online beginner level horse course. I took it and learned to breathe. I consider this class to be the foundation for all of my horsemanship since then, some 8 years ago. Gwen is my go-to gal for homeopathy information. She knows her stuff! Also, when I have questions regarding my horse’s hooves, she is a font of knowledge.
Gwen your services are always excellent! You have taught me so much and still teaching! I love every moment i get to listen or read any of your stuff! Keep up the great work. Monika

In general, really appreciate all the info I have gotten from you. Cathy 🙂

Informative, Friendly and Fun all rolled in one 🙂 From hooves to homeopathy, Gwen has answered many questions for us and some friends she hasn’t even met. Very outgoing and loves to share what she knows.”

Gwen did wonders for Jigs! And Pepper!

I enrolled in the online Homeopathy courses. I wanted to learn about homeopathy, and I am doing just that! I really appreciate the opportunity to learn this way.

Training of a PTSD mare in order to sell her with some kind of a chance to survive. Results were astounding. Still have the mare 3+ years later and have no inclinations of selling her. She is a love and not so afraid anymore. Thanks to the handling you provided, as well as teaching her human how to start small and understand the importance of that first step, we have become very good friends and aware of each other. Your soft hand technique has proven itself again and again with my horses, most of which have human instilled issues. Thank you.
Wanted more info about hoof trimming & like her teachings & common sense approach & thoroughness with compassion!!!! 🙂
I had a horse broken by a supposed trainer, who traumatized him so much that she called him vicious and to get rid of him. We almost had to do so, not because he was vicious but because he was so spooky that we almost couldn’t deal with him. I contacted Gwen as she lived near us, and she has transformed this horse (and us!). His PTSD is minimal, and although he will always be more warm-blooded than his stablemate, he is himself again, a people-pleaser and a true partner. I highly recommend Gwen and Penzance to anyone!

Gwen is my go-to gal for homeopathy information. She knows her stuff! Also, when I have questions regarding my horse’s hooves, she is a font of knowledge.

Initially, I contacted Penzance to learn how to trim my barefoot horses properly. I didn’t realize just how much information I would find on training, nutrition, and anything horse care! Love you, Gwenyth!!

At a time when I needed help to save Brendas feet from ruin and Brenda from pain, Gwen came to the rescue and helped me get Brenda on the path to recovery. I will be forever grateful for her expertise at that time of need.

Homeopathic for Lyme Disease … EXCELLENT RESULTS.

Gwen is the best! She helped my horse recover from back and neck problems with her proper trimming consultations. I highly recommend her long distance photo evaluation/consultation. It works! And you will learn so much!

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