The Principles of Natural Healing

The Principles of Natural Healing
as noted in “The Nature of Animal Healing” by Dr. Marty Goldstein

  1. Disease is an absence of health, and vice versa: health is an absence of disease. But health was here first!
  2. Disease is a process used by nature in an attempt to get itself healthy.
  3. Degenerative disease is not caused by nature. It is an aberration of nature (caused mostly by – in my opinion – man).
  4. Cancer is nothing more than a severe aberration of nature manifested in and by the body.
  5. Sickness is an excuse to get healthy.
  6. Don’t mess with Mother Nature!
  7. the mechanism for healing is already built into all individuals. Healing therefore occurs most rapidly when we realign with the natural laws
    governing that mechanism.
  8. Pure health is spontaneous healing.
  9. The immune system functions maximally and at peak efficiency in its totally unaltered state.
  10. The degree to which we have to work toward health is directly proportional to the amount we have messed it up in the first place. Health is simple;
    disease brings in complexity.
  11. Generally, it’s not what you put into the body that restore health; rather it’s what you let the body eliminate.
  12. Physically, health isn’t everything, but without it, everything is nothing.
  13. Food, including the necessary vitamins and minerals, was intended not to improve, but rather to maintain, the body. Therefore the need for
    treatment reflects the degree to which the individual has strayed from
  14. The body does not have to degenerate or age nearly as quickly as we presume. Each body cell has the ability to replicate itself 100 percent, and the
    process shoud continue for longer than we currently expect if we
    minimize deleterious effects on the cellular structure. It is only what
    we choose to do to the body, both consciously and unconsciously, that
    leads to the premature aging we experience.
  15. Genetic predispositions to disease are only predisositions, and do not have to manifest if health is maintained. Once a genetically predisposed disease
    condition appears clinically, it can be reversed, although with more difficulty, as a course toward health is taken.
  16. Nature and the being itself are the true healers. The practitioner, in the guise of being the healer, is truly the guide. Or: Physician, heal thyself!
  17. Nature uses disease to establish balance. Only when our bodies are out of balance are we subject to disease, and if we can just endure the natural healing
    process, the disease will soon abate, having restored us to th balance
    that is optimal health!

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